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Live Comedy with Dustin Diamond

TV icon and comedian Dustin Diamond will be coming to Seasons' Downunder Club on August 4th for a special show!

Tickets are available now to watch "Screech" for Saved By The Bell hit the stage for a live stand-up set on August 4th.

Tickets are now on sale for the event with VIP tickets at $25, while the General Admission price is $20 for those 21+.

Dustin has toured the world as a stand-up comedian. His act is suitable for the now grown-up fans of Saved by the Bell. It is adult-oriented, hilarious, and definitely not the same squeaky-clean, Saturday morning comedy that he spent 10 years doing as Screech. In his act, Dustin touches on life’s most important topics – grandma porn, farts, and the secrets of the female sex. In addition to stand-up comedy, Dustin has been involved in reality television, indie movies, and numerous other projects. Most recently, he played himself in Better Reach Screech, The Nerdist’s parody of Breaking Bad. He appeared on the British reality series Big Brother, and was also seen on Oprah’s Where Are They Now?, in which he touched upon topics such as his tell-all book Behind the Bell, and other previous media stunts. Dustin’s other interests include playing video games, following all things “nerdy,” and playing the bass guitar.

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